Improve your UCAS personal statement - volunteer with us

For sixth form and college students looking to improve their UCAS personal statement, we offer an excellent opportunity to volunteer with our three sections. Volunteering as a Young leader if under 18, or as a section assistant if over 18 gives you a host of practical skills
  • Dealing with people of all ages   
  • Creative skills
  • Practical skills 
  • Self reliance  
  • Self confidence
  • Leadership

These are important not just for your personal statement, but it will help on your CV when you're looking for that important first job.

We offer training support so you won't ever be left wondering what to do. You can link it to your DofE programme. Over 18s will need a DBS check which we will organise for you.

You can join the programme from the age of 14 years and will be supported by the group and a partner Explorer Scout Unit.

The programme is also suited to Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) to give them experience of working with children and young people.

If you think this could be of interest, contact us by emailing us at: